Project - Asklepius / Yagna

For the past five years, consultancy services were provided to Yagna during the initial trial phases of a revolutionary new permanent hair reduction system. Felicity had worked closely beside the chief scientific officer to develop the initial protocol that would best suit the product to enable further scientific trials, perfecting the product to produce the results for the treatment, bringing the treatment closer to launch.

Following further scientific breakthroughs at Yagna, Spa Genesis was commissioned to work alongside the team to develop the ranges and launch a strategy for Yagna’s sister company Asklepius Ltd, for these revolutionary cosmeceuticals, compromised of:

1. Vaal Permanent Hair Reduction System, professional treatment
Details of this project include
- conducting efficacy trials
- developing treatment protocols
- conducting a competitive analysis
- structuring pricing
- launch strategy and market penetration
- developing training protocols and implementing training modules

2. Cappella Hair Restoration Solution, home treatment
Details of the project include
- conducting efficacy trails
- identifying key distribution channels
- structuring pricing
- launch strategy and market penetration

3. Chhera, Cosmeceutical skincare system for skin rejuvenation, including professional treatment and homecare system
Details of the project include
- formulating a strategic launch strategy
- conducting competitive analysis
- product positioning
- concept development
- product development
- treatment development
- designing treatment protocols, training manuals, presentation,
- conducting focus group trials
- ongoing product development
- identifying key distribution channels

Yagna Ltd is a humanitarian company that has been heavily involved in researching a cure for skin cancer in aid of helping mankind. During the research, a unique delivery system was found to penetrate pharmaceutical products into the skin in a controlled manner. Seeing the significance of the breakthrough, the delivery system was patented and subsequently the realisation of such a system would enable the company to extend such technology into the formation of a cosmeceutical, hence Asklepius was formed to do just this. Proceeds of the sales will then be injected back into the cancer research as the core of the company's original formation.