The face of business: Do you have the mind-set for success?

Face of business pic Finally your dream or vision has become a reality, after all the efforts - finding the funds, negotiating with suppliers, securing the perfect premises and hammering the last nail in laying the foundations, you finally open the launch doors to customers and take a deep breath. The champagne seems to taste more superb and the bubbles heighten your accomplishment into a dizzying feeling of unreal reality. Well done, you’ve finally done it! But wait…



Inject me beautiful!

chasing the fountain of youth

“But make it look natural! I don’t want to look like one of those people I see walking down the street with Billy Puppet cheeks, OTT lips and for goodness sake… I want to recognise myself in the mirror”. A tall ask? Or is this consumers expectations' today?                     



Do you shiver at competition… or think strategy!

swimmers Have you heard your clients moaning about their experience at another spa having felt it was a waste of their time, money and effort? That is a disappointment for both sides! Do you sometimes wonder why your own capture rate is not pulling the numbers it should be? When the marketing is right, the training is meticulously deployed and the setting is serene, why is it then, that client’s divert from your spa perfect landscape, for a mirage? ...



The Juggling Act!

juggle Forget being busy, that's normal, being super dynamic has taken over! Being busy means that there is a lot of things to do, perhaps we create them and make up a portion of tasks that don't really give a $$ value. But, like chores they have to be done. I'd much rather make a plan to eradicate such menial tasks to focus on the more important work, and when there is so much to do, time is too precious...



Is your lippy an innocent little stick?

Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away What’s in a lippy? On the surface finds the pleasure of applying lacquer to your lips, instantly transforming them into glossy, kissable or subtly softer lips, depending on your intention at the time… We spend millions of pounds every year on lip products, in an industry valued at $38 Billion in 2011, the colour segments of the cosmetic industry made up roughly $10 Billion. Lip colour sales whether a gloss, stick or balm accounted for...



Sales.... The Dirty Word of Beauty?

A customer tries on a new hat in the millinery department of Bourne and Hollingsworth on Londons Oxford Street in 1942  D6596 Whether we like it or loathe it sales is at the essence of everything associated with the beauty industry. You can try to run from it but it’s going to keep coming at you, just like Groundhog Day, sooner or later you will succumb and embrace it. Depending on your perspective of this four letter word, some of you will be screwing your nose up in refusal, while others may be saying ...



What's your skin story?

Myanmar Slip, Slop, Slap! A famous Australian slogan and one that is so heavily ingrained into us as kids back in oz, that it may as well be part of our DNA. Slip on a Shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat. This is where my skin journey first started, without even realising it at the time. Though we were so conscious not to get burnt...



'Chemical free skincare – Beware!

mad scientist If you believe in 'chemical free skincare', then it's time to cut the fertilised grass. It's a confusing collision of conflicting information that we, as skincare consumers are faced with when reading marketing claims and then, having to decide on what's best for our skin. Companies put forward their strongest USPs...



Silence of the Lambs - A new dawn in anti-aging cosmetics, or is it!

404871940 36bbceebec z Are we seriously taking a step back into the dark ages for skincare? This is my first reaction on hearing about the "sheep placenta" facial. Here I was thinking the industry had moved away from such kinds of animal insertions into skincare. With the revelation of the European Union banning cosmetics to be sold within the EU having undergone testing on our lesser earth sharers in the food chain. . Yet, here we are hearing the likes of...



Gladiators of the Cosmetic Arena – The CEW Product Demonstration Evening 2013

Gladiators of the Cosmetic  Arena  The CEW Product Demonstration Evening 2013 I was warned and yet, it didn’t seem so necessary that I should prepare myself for receiving battlefield bruises. Thank goodness for my netball skills and fake tan to cover up my mistake! The CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women’s Association) was originally established in the United States in 1954 as a social organisation that evolved in 1975 to promote the contributions of women in the cosmetic industry. CEW France followed suit in 1986, closely followed by the United Kingdom in 1992....



Big Buzz Beauty

It’s the business of glamour, finding your inner confidence and balancing stress with wellness. There are so many other ways to describe our industry and for sure it means different things for different people and cultures. But that’s precisely why I love it! You can dabble as you like, how you like and as much as you like….and the professionals will give it all to you if your heart so desires. At Professional Beauty http://www.professionalbeauty.co.uk the experts put on a show, jazzing up their stands to lure industry experts and professionals to their beautifully....



Building a yellow brick road..... The making of Spa Genesis

The number of times I have said “Spa Genesis Business Consultancy” makes me feel right at home, but straight away I think, have I really just said that, should I splash cold water onto my face? Then comes the feeling you get when you’ve taken the big step forward with hands mostly covering your eyes as you delve into vastness of blind faith - without a safety rope to catch you if you fall. Failing is not an option, adrenaline becomes your best friend and your friends and family that support you along the way help to create the heart, where thank you just doesn’t seem....