Gladiators of the Cosmetic Arena - The CEW Product Demonstration Evening 2013


Gladiators of the Cosmetic  Arena  The CEW Product Demonstration Evening 2013

I was warned and yet, it didn’t seem so necessary that I should prepare myself for receiving battlefield bruises. Thank goodness for my netball skills and fake tan to cover up my mistake!

The CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women’s Association) was originally established in the United States in 1954 as a social organisation that evolved in 1975 to promote the contributions of women in the cosmetic industry. CEW France followed suit in 1986, closely followed by the United Kingdom in 1992.

CEW is a professional organisation for groups of women involved in the industry that come together for support and mentoring, aiding with their careers’ and development. In addition, CEW strongly supports the campaign of ‘Careers with cancer’, giving support to women dealing with cancer to further thrive in the workplace.

There are roughly 1000 members in the UK and each year many descend on London for the largely anticipated product demonstration evening. Here they collect a bagful of products, try them at home and vote on their favourites. Casting their votes based on packaging, feel, efficacy and ideals important to each in order to win them over. Many product houses put forth their favoured options in hopes of claiming the ‘winner’s status’ in one of 24 categories.

It was great to see new companies showcasing their precious new creations made with care and intent.

What started with tables upon tables of beautiful displays boasting mountains of products, would be reduced faster than Cleopatra could say to Marc Antony “bite me” as scores of lipstick laden gladiators in pursuit armed with elbows for swords and oversized canvas bags as shields, claim their prized goods. And why not! With such an impressive array of must have items, it was essential not to miss out. From Prestige Fragrance to masstige skincare, make-up, soaps, eye patches, hair masks and foot scrubs to cover from head to toe.

This little lady found herself slightly out of her depth against her steel-capped-heel-booted opponents. Alas, still made it to the end with all limbs in tact and a ration of cosmetics to try, enjoy and vote on.

A very big thank you to all of the product houses, and best of luck to the finalists. With the winners being announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 26th April.

Right now, I’m heading back to the gym to work on my agility and speed training in preparation of 2014.

Best Wishes, Felicity