What's your skin story?



Slip, Slop, Slap! A famous Australian slogan and one that is so heavily ingrained into us as kids back in oz, that it may as well be part of our DNA. Slip on a Shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat. This is where my skin journey first started, without even realising it at the time. Though we were so conscious not to get burnt, I was always exposing my skin to the sun coming from such a strong outdoors lifestyle growing up on the Queensland Sunshine coast. The heat in summer meant that everyday I could cool down in the waves of salt water at the beach. It always felt good to have a slight tan, Vit D was in plenty supply, and a little colour then felt healthy.

At the end of the day if my skin was burnt, (and I would certainly get bollocked for), my dear caring mum would peel away the skin from the aloe vera plant in the garden and rub onto my red skin, to soothe and rehydrate. Afterwards, my skin would change from pink to brown and gather freckles as it built up its own natural protection. Boy did I have freckles growing up! But if you would take a good look at my skin under a woods lamp, (the woodslamp camera uses deep violet light to fluoresce skin conditions in different colours and photograph the skin beneath the uppermost epidermal layer) it shows just how much my skin was exposed with the blotchy melanin patches which looks like dark freckles under the skin. That’s why its so important to take good care of your skin, as what you can visibly see on the surface is nothing compared to what’s happening further below.

I guess this is why I find skin so fascinating, on the surface is the epidermis, the bacterial raincoat for the rest of our skin and outer protection for our bodies. Not only does it react to the external environment but like a coded mirror and remarkably at only 0.05mm – 1.5mm (from eyelids to soles of the hands and feet) in thickness, it shows the response to changes happening within, such as hormone fluctuation, nutritional intolerances and lack of hydration etc. The skins plumpness is primarily supported by the subdermis, a diverse layer which holds a stored energy source that doubles up as the cushioning protection for our bodies. In between the two layers lay the dermis where all our sensations are felt and subsequently communicates changes our nerve endings experience from the outside world to our internal head office prompting a reaction. Heat, touch, pain, pressure; our skin communicates these sensations with the rest of our bodies through the nerve endings via the brain.

Our skin flushes red when its inflamed or blushing, such as when we are attracted to someone else, become nervous or flustered. Our skin rises with goose bumps if we are cold, get excited or feel someone else’s story close to our hearts. Our skin binds us, protects us and even puts us into groups according to our ancestory paths, telling a story of its own routes and origins. Skin for me is as fascinating as it is complex, yet simple in nature. We can’t live without it and as much as we neglect it, it will always take care to look after us.

Our skin tells a story of hardships, of culture and experiences, through scars from its breakage, markings of meaning and lines of character. It’s your unique robe made distinctively by two tailors with their own skin story. My skin took me into skincare and a pathway of confidence building for others.

What’s your skin story?

Best Wishes, Felicity