The Juggling Act!



Forget being busy, that's normal, being super dynamic has taken over!      

Being busy means that there is a lot of things to do, perhaps we create them and make up a portion of tasks that don't really give a $$ value. But, like chores they have to be done. I'd much rather make a plan to eradicate such menial tasks to focus on the more important work, and when there is so much to do, time is too precious. But you can't fall into the trap of devoting all time not spent sleeping into pure work. A balance has to be struck to find the most efficient structure, the most efficient You, especially when running a business, managing projects, studying towards a degree, and thats just for a start.

This year has been an incredible year of learning and development. Its year 1 for Spa Genesis and let's just say, that there has been no rest for the wicked. Personally I work better to deadlines, this makes it easier to prioritise work in terms of urgency and higher importance. However this can allow for less important tasks to be pushed back continuously which can hamper business development. It is too easy to get stuck-in-the-rutt, work piles up, R&R seems too much of a luxury and the bigger long term picture becomes temporarily hazy. That is, until you wake up one day to make your morning coffee, put the milk back in the cupboard, brew the coffee without the coffee, look for the sugar in the freezer and walk out of the bathroom three times forgetting that you needed to brush your teeth! Then, its time for a flexi day, cause if your this productive to start with, imagine the achievements the rest of the day will bring.

Strategic time planning is essential to make the week work for you, not you work for your week - that's just bad for your health and causes havoc for your skin; not a good look in this industry. When your office and house share the same address, there is no such thing as 9-5, not that most of us normally conform to such hours these days. In fact, its amazing just how much most of us manage to cram into 7 days, and thrive. Taking an overview of my own week, time is split between study, work, exercise, rest and social.

Study is organised around tutorial sessions, course work, assignments and prep work for exams. I've become addicted to reading the Economist and this has helped with both my studies and crosses heavily into business consultancy arena.

Last year, I decided that it was important to re-connect at the ground level of the industry and step back into hands on work on the front line. It was also a means to speak with clients directly and gauge their responses on various aspects of the industry. It has also lead into further consultancy work which was part of the initial plan.

As the first year of the company, I've also had to learn about the legal compliances of running a business, dealing with my own accounts, develop my marketing tools, network at various events, and get Spa Genesis into a position to take on projects. Luckily my first project came on very quickly, so I was creating the brand identity at the same time.

With so many tasks to hand, keeping my mind in top gear for as long as possible each day is essential and I found achievable through daily exercise. It crosses over as social activity and a perfect outlet for bouncing ideas with my business partner.

In fact all of the activities cross over in one way or another and for this reason I can effectively manage to fit more in a day, stay focused and reduce the busy clutter.

Heck, I think I've found my mojo.

Best Wishes, Felicity