Inject me beautiful!


chasing the fountain of youth

“But make it look natural! I don’t want to look like one of those people I see walking down the street with Billy Puppet cheeks, OTT lips and for goodness sake… I want to recognise myself in the mirror.”

A tall ask? Or is this consumers expectations’ today? The medical aesthetics industry is growing substantially year on year and not necessarily towards highly expensive, scalpel sharpening treatments either. Merz Pharma, report their annual growth from 2012-13 is mostly owed to medical aesthetics, with demand for Botox and fillers predicted to further increase by 11% p.a over the next 5 years. In the US, they’ve seen minimally invasive procedures increasing three times faster than surgical treatment. The announcement in February this year of Nestlé’s co-ownership of Galderma with L’Oreal, opening Nestle Skin Health S.A, diversifying away from their core industry of food towards Skin health is a further statement that this side of the industry is highly attractive for investment.

For the past two years, I have gone back to the front line of beauty, spending time in both spas and aesthetic clinics re-networking with the core of the industry. Mission: Impossible Client!

For consumers, this is the most exciting time and the most fun industry to buy into, why? There are so many more incredible developments, so many beauty products to try and so many treatment options available to be pampered or prod with. Yes, consumers still love being pampered, of course we do. But looking young and fresh is a key focus! Value for money will continue to gain consumers respect and encourage spending. But most importantly consumers do love being sold to for the right reasons. You’ve just got to know how to hit the nail on the head. Proof: who doesn’t brag about their favourite products, beauty treatment or person that just knows what we need as soon as we hear it? The ooooh feel of a dissipating knot in our shoulders, the delightful packaging that squeals whimsically to your fun side, the icky colour of your bathroom sink after you wash off your Glam Glow Mud (yup, this is a clear favourite of mine), but my gosh girlfriend, how good does your skin look today!? Here it comes…. “Actually, don’t tell the girls but I had a 10 minute face lift”

The Jaw Drop moment…

The conversation either goes one of three ways:

1. The closet friend. Will ask all kinds of questions, partially disbelieving his/her friend have actually just said they’ve had injections, in their face! Listening intently to their friends experience while wondering where the injections were, imagining, did it hurt? Then half listening to their friends re-enactment of the procedure while analysing their friends face in fanatical detail thinking, damn you look good, until finally asking themselves, is this something I could do? This is the sceptical client initially, that will require patients and more time explaining procedures and where applicable, down time during the consultation.

2. The new bosom buddy. This friend has either contemplated making an appointment for some time or has taken the plunge and secretly been seeing an aesthetic practitioner on the side… Suddenly, there is a renewed sense of friendship, a bottle of Zinfandel is ordered allowing details of experiences to be swopped, in depth, for a full comparative analysis. These clients know what’s available in the market and have generally researched well. Often these clients will then book future treatments together and will respect their knowledgeable practitioner’s recommendations. They will often want to try new things so may need some reigning in and a clear program personalised for them.

3. The pro-non-invasive mate. This conversation will ask for a reality check. It’s also a good conversation to have as it serves as the ‘heavens’ side of the conscience debate.

But what does this say about consumers? It means people are much more knowledgeable and realistic, they know traditional pots of creams are only going to do so much and if you do a few simple calculations;

(price + effect) ÷ time = clearer results

Therefore presents higher value!

Well, depending on your values… I’m not saying to ditch your skincare; this is irrefutably essential for all skins health and quality. But today, when presentation is more important (this is separate to vanity) then a little touch here and there to support your visage as the visible ‘on-show’ asset for as long as possible, naturally, is an attractive step men and women take as they head in the direction of their trusted clinics. Consumers have upped the anti on their expectations and are not afraid to challenge skin maturity head on.

Face it, minimally invasive has invaded traditional skincare methods and it’s not just a fad.

Best Wishes, Felicity