Big Buzz Beauty


It’s the business of glamour, finding your inner confidence and balancing stress with wellness. There are so many other ways to describe our industry and for sure it means different things for different people and cultures. But that’s precisely why I love it! You can dabble as you like, how you like and as much as you like….and the professionals will give it all to you if your heart so desires. At Professional Beauty the experts put on a show, jazzing up their stands to lure industry experts and professionals to their beautifully designed goodies, eager to prove their point of difference. It’s a mind boggle, the labrynth lined with suppliers, surrounded by students, therapists, business operators and of course the spies of other suppliers all mashed together. Some in eagreness to learn more and take samples, others pulling their hair from information overload- oh the despair of beauty! By the end of day one, heels are traded for stilettos, suits for cocktail dresses, or bow ties, and water for happy bubbles.

It was time for the World Spa Awards, a glittering black-tie event at London Hilton on Park Lane http://www.professionalbeauty.co.uk/page.cfm/Link=8. And the anticipation for the nominees, meant overactive bladder - works.  I was lucky to find myself sitting with Adrian and Adilia from The Yeatman in Portugal, voted the best hotel spa in Europe. Established 3 years and in such short time have achieved so much. The secret to their success… well see for yourself www.theyeatman.com . When I bumped into Adilia the next day at the Spa Congress, she was still ecstatic, with a smile from ear to ear, she greeted me with an embrace that could have suggested she was fresh from the dance floor of the awards night, perhaps the celebrations continued into the wee early hours of the morning.

Day 2 of the conference, bubbles traded for caffeine, slightly husky voices pitched speeches through the microphones. The industry once again serious with experts sharing their views on good business acumen, opportunities and interesting topics for discussion and sometimes debated. It was a  privilege to be with such great company, and with likeminded people also keen to constantly push the barriers of our great industry.

Best Wishes, Felicity