Building a yellow brick road..... The making of Spa Genesis


The number of times I have said “Spa Genesis Business Consultancy” makes me feel right at home, but straight away I think, have I really just said that, should I splash cold water onto my face? Then comes the feeling you get when you’ve taken the big step forward with hands mostly covering your eyes as you delve into vastness of blind faith - without a safety rope to catch you if you fall. Failing is not an option, adrenaline becomes your best friend and your friends and family that support you along the way help to create the heart, where thank you just doesn’t seem to return the true feeling of gratefulness.

Spa Genesis is far from complete or near successful for where the company is destined to be. There are areas in development that will be launched along the way like Durga’s arms, branches of the core. Business consultancy being the first arm and the main basis of the website created by a very talented Nim Sira from Sira Concepts whom I am working closely with on a number of other projects. The first project also highlighted in the website is of particular interest to me, partly because of the people behind Yagna are true humanitarians, and furthermore the level of my involvement means that I am seeing a project from pre-conception, through to strategy, development and launch. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and for many a girl, their dream to create a product can come true.

Giuseppe Trigiante, the chief scientific officer at Yagna is not only a chef in the lab but a genius in the kitchen (who doesn’t LOVE Italian food). Having formulated a unique delivery system that was conceived in the skin cancer research, will form the basis of the soon-to-be launched cosmeceutical skincare, Chhera. Progress and updates I will continue to post. In the meantime, I’m heading over to Belgravia Aesthetics to continue planning the launch with Mr Edwin Anthony for Vaal Permanent hair reduction. Mr Anthony is a highly respected consultant plastic surgeon specialising in body sculpting, who boasts a clientele that would make the royalty of the elite blush. And most recently, I have been testing different hot waxes that will be incorporate into our permanent hair reduction system, it’s a gentle system that packs a powerful punch on the fight against unwanted hair…….

Best Wishes, Felicity