Business Consultancy Services

Spa Genesis understands the evolving spa market and its impact on day-to-day business. Careful and targeted marketing, alongside a professional approach to the daily running of a spa, will help ensure financial success. We can help to build and protect the reputation of your business such that a desired clientele will be attracted and maintained. Aside from marketing, we can advise on all aspects of your business, including staff recruitment, staff education and training, the menu of treatments to be offered, ensuring a high level of customer service, stock control, cost control and negotiating with suppliers. Spa Genesis will work closely with spa owners to harmonise all aspects of your spa business in order to optimise professional and economic success.


Spa Genesis will be able to advise and support you whether you are starting a new spa business or if you have a spa/salon that has been established for one, five, ten or more years. We will work with you to ensure that all areas of your business work in harmony.

Our range of services includes a comprehensive analysis, so to gain as much detail as possible in understanding your overall business and clientele. The aim of Spa Genesis is to further develop your business, clarifying your spa vision and ethos so that the foundations upon which the spa business was built on are retained. Our solutions will be specific, targeted and eminently presentable to key stakeholders and investors / management.